About Us


It was February, 2002 when remodeling began on this site of the former Arrows Restaurant. 

Arrows' former owner George Koratsis, was ready to take a well deserved retirement. He sold this site to his sons, Jamey & Chris, and, together with their family, the brothers envisioned a fresh, clean & brightly colored eatery. The concept started to take shape when their mother, Diana, dubbed the enterprise "Jelly Beans."


Jamey, Chris, and their sister Amanda, grew up in the restaurant business, often visiting their Dad at his restaurant and eventually taking part in the day to day operations. Amanda moved on to build a successful career in insurance. Jamey took his background to Chicago where he became both an EMT and the Director of Operations for Nookies Restaurant, a three store chain, before bringing his experience back to New York. Chris worked closely with his father in the restaurant business for many years before transferring his talents to a well known national restaurant chain, where he quickly moved up the ladder to become a General Manager. 


At the heart of the success of Jelly Beans Restaurant is family. As the restaurant has grown, so has the family. Jamey and his wife, Robyn, have two children; Eva Ruth & Cole. Chris and his wife, Laura, have three children; Alyssa (Andrew), CJ & Kaitlin (Matthias), and four grandchildren; Dominic, Cameron, Corbin and Lewis.

In addition to growing their family, Jamey & Chris have grown their business. With this growth comes a great sense of pride and gratitude to the  many long term employees of Jelly Beans Restaurant, and to its loyal patrons; past, present, and future. Chris & Jamey continue to broaden their horizons and seek out ways to offer more of what we do here at Jelly Beans; keeping it fresh, clean & friendly. 

Did You Know?

Our Prices

You may notice that our prices don't always end in the traditional .99, .95, .50. That's because we don't round up. We keep our prices as reasonable as food costs and labor costs allow. If that results in some funky looking prices we are okay with that. We like funky.

Trivia Fodder

On our paper menu (guess you'll have to come visit to see them) you will find a cute little line connecting the S's and T's in our headings. These are called "Orthographic Ligatures." Wow your friends at trivia with this knowledge. You're welcome.

Walk 1,000 Miles

In a 6 to 8 hour shift a restaurant server may walk as many as 4-6 miles. Not only does this make them some of the heart healthiest professionals around, it makes them some of the most dedicated too! Thank them with a tip, for sure, but a little verbal praise goes a long way as well.